How do celebrities ring in the New Year?

New Year’s Eve is an exclusive event in itself, an occasion to show off our best clothes, make the most out of ourselves and spend a magical night. But how do the people who already enjoy all the unimaginable luxuries possible celebrate New Year’s Eve? What do they do? Where do they go? Luxury, glamor, paradisiacal islands or idyllic places in the mountains, so are some of the New Year’s Eve parties of the celebrities.



To spend a luxurious New Year’s Eve in this small town in Switzerland there are “very few requirements”, you just have to be a millionaire householder or, failing that, be invited to the exclusive parties that some celebrities throw here. The parties that designer Valentino throws here are famous, and have guests as well-known and select such as Madonna, Naty Abascal, Elton John etc…

Not all the parties that are celebrated on New Year’s Eve have a festive and Hollywood character, there are also important parties of a political nature, such as those thrown by Ana Botín and her husband, also in a villa in Gstaad.



Costa Careyes (Mexico): anonymity

For celebrities who do not want to travel far from their places of residence at Christmas this destination is perfect. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston or Julia Roberts credit how wonderful it is to spend a New Year’s Eve in Cabo San Lucas (Pacific). This New Year’s holiday resort alternates leisure and festivity with activities such as yoga to spend the end of the year with all possible comforts.

The great advantage of this paradisiacal place is anonymity, since on Costa Careyes there is a Resort with a private beach that celebrities love as they can enjoy the comforts of anonymity.



St. Barts: the port of the mega yachts

This port has certain problems to receive all the yachts that come to this Caribbean natural space to spend New Year’s Eve. Many celebrities share this passion to spend New Year’s aboard the yachts in this town to enjoy all the gourmet offers they offer. Likewise, if there is no desire to spend a New Year’s Eve on a boat there is no problem, you can spend a dreamy New Year’s party also at the Eden Rock hotel, a classic for the most glamorous stars.



Las Vegas: the city that never sleeps

There is no one who has never heard of Las Vegas, the city of neon lights, casinos, parties and entertainment at its best. December 31st could not be less and offers a unique experience only suitable for people of legal age without qualms. The whole city is immersed in an unprecedented frenzy where hotels are auctioned off to VIPs to be the total focus of New Year’s Eve.

The Kardashian sisters have their personal reservation every year at the Palazzo or the Cosmopolitan, while other celebrities are part of the show, singers like Bruno Mars offer private concerts after which they join glamorous parties that continue until dawn, keeping in mind that everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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