Latest trends in premium cocktails

For some years now, work has been done to make the world of cocktail making a haute cuisine experience. The great chefs have become celebrities and cocktail professionals seek the same recognition. The international conference of beverages and spirits known as MIXOLOGYA, revealed the latest trends in premium cocktails that we will see in the most daring bars.


Food or cocktail?

Let’s say a bloody mary: if we serve it in a martini glass and we add the corresponding complements, it is a cocktail, but if we take a deep dish, we serve the drink and accompany it with a mollusk, would it still be a cocktail? This is the concept that Jorge Bretón wants to convey to us (expert in culinary innovation) in which he raises how close are premium cocktails to haute cuisine, the few differences between them and how can we go from a cocktail to a kitchen plate with just a few elements.

Many have tried to prepare solid cocktails and have dared to innovate mixing cuisine and cocktails. An example of this is the oyster martini by the great Javier de las Muelas.



The use of sophisticated ingredients

“Mixing unusual ingredients leads to the creation of current and modern drinks” says Jorge Bretón.

The use of different, unknown and exquisite ingredients such as sea lettuce, lichens or wild herbs gives rise to very innovative and interesting mixtures that are creating a trend in the world of cocktails.

Another booming trend is to stop sweetening the cocktails with sugar. The new trend is to use pickles and “chutneys” (mix of sweet and hot spices of Indian origin).


Alcohol-free cocktails

Just like all fashions and trends of healthy food have adhered to the haute cuisine trends, they have also done so in the cocktail world: healthy versions of food dishes and ingredients adapted to the cocktail version.

Thanks to the fact that taking care of oneself has become fashionable, the most classic cocktails have now a healthy and alcohol-free version. The world of alcohol-free cocktails has gone beyond the classic “San Francisco” and we can no longer find a self-respecting bar without a large repertoire of trendy cocktails with no alcohol.



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