Our best allies: seasonal fruits and vegetables

Seasonal fruits and vegetables have a higher content of vitamins and minerals. In addition, having them in an accessible place at home promotes their consumption and helps reach the daily servings recommended by the specialists, which are five.

These are fresh and natural foods, essential in a healthy diet. They have numerous benefits, such as contributing to the daily hydration of the body, providing fiber, are satisfying food and prevent certain types of diseases. If consumed daily, the requirements of the micronutrients in our metabolism will be met.

The question to consider is what fruits and vegetables we choose each day to make the most of their benefits. This is where seasonal fruits and vegetables take center stage. They are tastier, fresher and keep all their nutrients much better. The good thing is that there are many different seasonal fruits every month, this helps us to vary the pieces we take daily. They are essential foods that can be include for breakfast and tea, besides a great option in case of being hungry between meals, it is the best alternative to “snacking” which is usually rich in fat and sugars.

Both through our Instagram account and Facebook, every month we tell you which of our fruits and vegetables are in season that month. Also keep in mind that there are as many fruits as vegetables that are available all year round with the same quality, you can check which ones here.


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