The most expensive and luxurious fragances in the world

The fragrance of the perfume can not be seen but it does not matter; it is perceived, smelled, and awakens all kinds of sensations in us: memories, attraction, nostalgia, joy, encouragement and a long etc … The great perfume artisans know this and understand that creating a good perfume is synonymous with success, but, besides the perfumes that we all know, those that we see continuously advertised at Christmas, there is a series of unknown fragrances (that are not publicized) that are exquisite luxury items in the broadest sense of the word.


1. Dignified Privée

The jewel in the crown: this perfume is made on request and its price is 500,000 euros. The packaging is a jewel in itself as it is made with more than 300 pieces of hand-cut onyx, with an elegant and satin finish to elude the masculine element. The most valuable thing about this perfume is not inside the bottle, but outside, although the fragrance it contains was created by expert perfumers and contains traces of Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon from Sri Lanka as exclusive ingredients.



2. Imperial Majesty

The royal perfume: The first time this perfume that looks more like a jewel than a fragrance was manufactured was at the request of Queen Victoria of England. It is said that some people used to wear it on top of their clothes to show off the bottle of this exclusive essence. Its value is €205,000 and the fragrance of 170 roses is needed to make a drop of this perfume. Although its bottle can no longer be purchased, its essence can be found in Harrods.



  1. Opera Prima , Bvlgari

In 2014, it celebrated its 130th anniversary with the creation of a limited edition perfume which showed the great importance of packaging in the 21st century. This fragrance aims to evoke the aromas of the Mediterranean. Its bottle is made of Murano glass decorated with diamonds, citrine and amethyst. Its price is around € 200,000.



  1. 4. Nº 1 , Clive Christian

The main fame that accompanies this perfume is the exclusivity and the ingredients that make up its fragrance. Vanilla planifolia orchid or ylang ylang are some of the ingredients that make up its content and are as exotic as their names. Its bottle is made of lead crystal and has a diamond on the neck of the bottle. It is Elton John’s, Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holmes’s favorite perfume. Its value? €177,000.



5. Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes

Just its name rings exclusivity. What makes this perfume so famous is the crystal bottle that contains it, produced by the most famous crystal manufacturer in the world (Baccarat), it is an authentic piece of exclusive jewelry with which to decorate our dressing table. Among the ingredients that make up its essence we can find amber, jasmine, incense, roses and myrrh. Its price ranges around € 5,100.



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