The most private and exclusive places you can visit in Italy

It depends above all on the popularity of the country, but there are still thousands of quiet places around the world where calm prevails and where the frenetic crowds of tourists are almost nonexistent.

If you have enough time to travel through Italy and you want to explore the most exclusive points of the transalpine country, you would have to do without the incredible but crowded cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice. Although the Colosseum or St Mark’s Square are obligatory visits, there are other practically unique experiences that leave you breathless and provoke that the trip through Italy is lived in an alternative way.

One of the little-known and extraordinary experiences is the exclusive visit to the secret rooms of the Vatican, to experience the sensations that the place offers closely, where not only the secrets, anecdotes and beauties that this space hides are shown, but also lived from privacy, leaving aside the influx of tourists to enjoy the site peacefully and at the pace you want.

Another exclusive experience to highlight is located in Milan, specifically on the roof of the historic building Enel, where the Caten brothers created the Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant, right at the headquarters of its famous fashion brand Dsquared2. The peculiarity of this terrace apart from its unique views of the city, and the delicious menus of its elite restaurant, are the two swimming pools available for their hottest customers.

And you, do you want to live the Italy you deserve?