The world’s most expensive cooking ingredients

There are a lot of scandalously expensive and exclusive cooking ingredients that we have no idea about, mainly because they only reach certain number of people or sectors.

We are talking about products of a higher category which we have never heard of.


Almas, the world’s most exclusive and expensive caviar

This caviar, known as the “Russian diamond”, is obtained from the albino beluga sturgeon. To get this luxurious delicacy there is a waiting list of four years, its color is different from the black caviar we all know, it is pale and its taste is said to be heavenly.



Saffron, an ingredient we all know

We could consider it the most expensive condiment in the world. This product is harvested by hand with all the finesse of the world, because saffron are the pistils of a flower that is known as crocus sativus and are extracted one by one. It is used to season all kinds of dishes such as rice, meat or fish.



Yubari melon

Cultivated in the Yubari city of Japan, it is considered the golden melon. It is a cross between two varieties of melon and the essential feature is that it has been pollinated by bees. They say it brings happiness to anyone who eats it, its properties are excellent and its flesh orange, juicy and delicious.




La Bonnotte Potatoes

This potato is considered the “ocean vegetable”. Cultivated in a remote region of France in a land of 50 square meters, the penetration of seaweed from the shore makes this potato taste slightly salty and acquire a marine aftertaste, for this reason it is nicknamed as such. It is harvested by hand due to its fragility and is only cultivated one week a year, hence its limited and exclusive production.



Matsutake mushrooms

They are harvested in September and they feed on forest pine and dry leaves. Their production is ultra limited and they are quite difficult to harvest, the greater their aroma, the better their flavor.



Moose milk cheese

The production of this cheese is limited since the Swedish farm called “Älgens Hus” (“Moose house”) breeds moose for this particular purpose and milks them in a very specific way: manually and only between the seasons of May and September, for this reason its price is so exorbitant. It takes approximately two hours to milk each elk.

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