Vegetables that are actually fruits?

If we consider that fruit is the part of the plant that has the seeds, it is, literally, its sexual organ. On the other hand, vegetables are picked from other parts of the plant such as leaves, roots, bulbs or stems, so when you have to weigh the tomato in the supermarket, do you choose the fruit or vegetable option? Have you been deceived all this time?

Following the above definition, we can say that tomatoes are a fruit, tomatoes appear as vegetables in many shops and supermarkets, but although it does not seem so, because we already have it socially accepted, tomatoes are a fruit.

This controversy and confusion with this food was born in 1887, when the United States passed a law that levied taxes on vegetables that were imported, but not on fruits. So many companies importing tomatoes wanted to prove that their product was a fruit and therefore, that their companies were exempt from paying such taxes. With the aim of giving rigor to their argument, they cited dictionaries and testimonies of biologists that evidently demonstrated that tomatoes, being the product of the ovary of a flower, are a fruit. The response of the government was clear, they said that when served on a salad or as part of the meals and not as a dessert, it was a vegetable, therefore they had to pay. The debate continues in 2018.

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