Can vegetables make you happier?

Everyone knows that following a balanced diet is necessary to have a healthy life, and as we know, what is taken care of inside ends up being seen outside.

This is one of the main reasons why vegetables make us feel good, balanced and happy. Now, is there any contrasted data that corroborates this fact

The World Health Organization affirms with certainty that the consumption of fruit and vegetables can save lives and that ideally what we should all do is to comply with the ratio of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day (about 400 grams per day).

To further emphasize, the study conducted by the University of Warwick argues that the gross benefit of good nutrition not only helps us in the prevention of some diseases but from a psychological point of view, consuming vegetables and can definitely make you happier if you eat the right amounts.



There is no absolute scientific data that answers this question as an irrefutable fact, but there are different theories that can give us an accurate explanation. Some say it is due to the amount of antioxidants that are added to our body when we eat these foods. Another possible reason is that by taking care of our body (intestine, heart, lungs…) an immediate repercussion is obtained in our brain that makes us feel better. Another theory is that the nutrients they give us do their own work in our mind and body.

Maybe only some of this information is true, the question is that undoubtedly following a healthy diet is necessary for our entire system to work correctly and for all that to affect our brain.

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