The perfect watermelon with the exact amount of sugar

In Shybari we have always strived to offer a product of the highest quality. But true maximum quality. We don’t settle with each piece that leaves our crop fields having the right dimensions and an acceptable flavor. We want to know everything about each fruit or vegetable, and it is for this same reason that we have made a large outlay in a new machine that has made us the undisputed leaders of the watermelon market internationally.

For this season we have acquired a unique machine in the fruit and vegetable market. It is a precise invention capable of detecting the amount of sugar contained in each watermelon to the millimeter, thus facilitating the labeling of these in a much more concrete way, and allowing each of our consumers to take home the perfect watermelon for them.

Shybari has been aware that investing in innovation and quality was the only way to differentiate itself from other competitors, and with this step forward, Shybari stands out once again among the large fruit and vegetable producers in Spain and rubs shoulders with the large multinationals in the sector.

Have you tasted the sweetest watermelon yet?